Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unemployment Line

Everytime I told people that I was moving to New York, the response was usually the same: "Woah! How cool!  That's awesome!!" (long pause) "So... how are you going to... do you... have... money?"  In my head, it seemed simple.  I would just move up there and get a service industry job like everyone else.  I waited tables in high school, and I remember bringing home a ton of money.  It didn't occur to me that I was IN high school... still living with my mom, eating her homecooked meals, and not a single bill in my name. Well on Tuesday, reality finally set in.  I did the whole rent (plus) iPhone (plus) metro card (plus) laundromat (plus) groceries (minus) anything remotely fun, and realized I am now officially a starving artist... well technically just starving; I don't know if I get the title 'artist' yet. 

Anyways, Barbic is going to be cutting me off in about 15 days, so the job search is on.  I spent all day Wednesday stopping in restaurants and asking for applications.  My strategy is to stay in the Time Sqaure district because those restaurants are most likely going to be crowded all day long, any day of the week.  Full tables =  full pockets.  I was pretty caught off guard when some of the managers told me that they don't have applications, but I could drop my resume off with them.  What?!?! Since when do you need a resume to carry plates?  Nevertheless, I whipped up a restaurant-friendly resume and printed it at Kinko's the next day.  So far the list includes: Planet Hollywood, Olive Garden, Tony's, The Brooklyn Diner, Dallas BBQ, Dave n Busters, Bond 45, World Terrace Club, La Bonne Bouffe, a catering company, a volunteer coordinator at church, a marketing firm position, a SAT tutor, a cupcake 'rockstar' (direct quote), a designer sunglass model, a bike messenger... do I really need to continue?

I know it will all work out!  I'm excited to see what I end up with!

Prayer Request: That I find a job that's flexible and lucrative enough to allow me to: 1) prioritize my dance classes, 2) keep me off the subways late at night, 3) hang out with friends that visit on weekends, and 4) cover my basic expenses with a little extra to actually explore and enjoy this new city. 

I'm Alive!

Sorry for the delay, but I am alive and well in New York City!  After an all-night packing marathon on Sunday night, a missed flight on Monday morning, and a 9-hour standby in Hobby Airport, I finally arrived to La Guardia Airport at 11:30pm.  My brother met me at the airport and we took a taxi to my new apartment.  Grace, one of my new roommates was still up, so she showed me to my room.  We talked for a little bit before we went to bed, so she was able to give the quick breakdown on the subways, grocery stores, and neighborhoods.  She seems really nice and laid-back.  From our quick chat I was able to gather that she's a musical theater dancer, but right now the industry is kinda slow, so on the side she teaches some kind of pilates or yoga class.  She had to wake up extra early the morning before because Kelly Ripa wanted to be in the studio to take her class at 6am...  Crazy!

Anyways, my other roommate, Katie, is out of the state right now visiting her family.  Her friend (can't remember his name) is staying in her room.  He's straight from Germany, and he's about to go to school at UNC, but he decided to stop in NY for two weeks on the way.  He's really nice, and since neither of us have jobs or responsibilities yet, we usually sit in the living room together each morning and talk about what we explored in the city the day before.  Apparently there are a lot of free concerts and shows all over New York.  He swears that the Black Eyed Peas are giving a free show in Central Park on Friday night, so I guess we'll see. 

I've attached the obligatory Times Square pictures so you know that I'm really in NYC and not just sitting on my mom's couch in Missouri City. I also attached pictures of my apartment.  It's actually really wonderful, and I'm surprised at how inexpensive it is for its size.  Every wall is painted a different color, which I love!! I tried that with my room in college, but these girls nailed it.  The apartment is just south of Washington Heights which is known primarily for its Dominican population.  I'm actually just a few blocks from "Boricua College"... true story! Ironically enough, my building in on Broadway.  It takes me 3 minutes to walk to the subway station, and it's about a 25 minute, straight-shot ride into Time Square- not bad at all.  


Nevertheless, I miss you guys, and each of you pop into my head at different times throughout the day.  I'm usually TERRIBLE at keeping up long-distance friendships, but I am committed to fixing that this year.  I'll try to keep these posts super short so you can quickly see what I'm up to and not forget about me. :)  And I'll continue to stalk all of you via Facebook status updates, so keep them fresh!  I can't wait for you all to visit; there are so many things to explore!